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Explore Our New Clips and Featurettes

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve added hundreds of new trailers and movie clips to our database over the past few weeks. Why? Well, first of all, it’s usually fun to see sneak peaks of what a movie may have to offer. But this is Parent Previews and we know you come here for entertainment information. Just like when you go grocery shopping there are often tables with people offering samples of products, we see the clips, trailers and featurettes provided by studios as fulfilling that same function. We strive to have a review ready to go for you on a movie’s opening day (studios typically restrict us from releasing reviews any earlier) but often your kids are anxious to see that big movie as soon as they can. Along with the content information on our movie “Preview” page, we are also striving to include “samples”—clips, trailers and featurettes—that will provide you, the parent, with a better idea of whether a movie is suitable for your family.

For example this week the newest Nichols Sparks movie releases, titled The Best of Me. You can check out the clips, trailer and a featurette on actress Liana Liberato.

Of course there are some issues with this plan. Some of our titles, especially those that are rated R (Restricted) in the US, may contain content within the trailers or clips that you don’t want your kids to see or you may even find objectionable. It’s a fine balance for us to determine when it’s appropriate to provide you with enough information to make a wise decision. Clips that include explicit nudity, explicit violence or frequent profanity will not be posted at all. Others which contain some sexuality, violence or profanity will be posted behind an age gate that requires the viewer to enter their birthdate. Yes, this is easily circumvented, but we know from our own research that few young people use the site, especially by themselves. The age gate adds a warning that the following video is not suitable for young viewers, yet still contains information we feel parents may want to know.

This is an evolving process and one we would like to hear your input on. Do you think the videos are helpful in making an appropriate decision for your family? Or are they unnecessary in your selection process? Please let us know by leaving a comment below…

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