Picture from Elvis Presley: 5 Films
Paramount Studios presents a collection of 5 Elvis Presley movies. Image ©2018 Paramount Pictures

Elvis Presley: 5 Films

The King of the music scene also graced the big screen – as these movies will attest. Made between 1960 and 1964, Paramount Pictures presents the Elvis Presley: 5 Films DVD collection, featuring the following titles:

G.I. Blues
1960 / 103 min./ MPAA: PG
Elvis Presley plays Tulsa Mclean, a soldier who hopes to have his own nightclub one day. To make his dreams come true, he gets tangled up in a bet that involves winning the affection of a club dancer (Juliet Prowse).

Blue Hawaii
1961 / 98 min./ MPAA PG
After returning from the army, Chad Gates (Elvis Presley) wants to settle back into his old life in Hawaii. But his Dad (Roland Winters) has bigger dreams for his son than a surfboard and a girlfriend (Joan Blackman).

Girls! Girls! Girls!
1962/ 95 min. / MPAA: PG
What’s a guy to do? When his boss retires, sailor and boatbuilder Ross Carpenter (Elvis Presley) must come up with enough money to buy his boat from the company. He is also being tossed between two beautiful women (Stella Stevens and Laurel Goodwin).

Fun in Acapulco
1963 / 96 min./ MPAA: PG
A desperate employment situation leads Mike Windgren (Elvis Presley) to take a job as a lifeguard and singer. But that soon makes him a competitor for work hours and the attention of a pretty woman (Ursula Andress).

1964 / 102 min./ MPAA: PG
Charlie Rogers (Elvis Presley) plays a biker and wannabe singer who gets hooked up with a traveling carnival. His own insecurities about being an orphan finds some solace as he becomes part of the company’s family.

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