Picture from Coming to Netflix: September 2020

Coming to Netflix: September 2020

There’s a lot to choose from this month with new productions aplenty and old classics reappearing on your screens.

September 1:

Adrift.Based on a true story, this movie follows a young couple who head off on a sailing trip across the Pacific. Then they run into a hurricane…PG-13, Grade: B

Anaconda. What’s worse than a snake? A giant snake. Particularly when there are lots of people to chew on. PG-13, Grade: C+

Back to the Future. Accidentally sent into the past by a time travelling car, Marty McFly alters his parents’ timeline – and potentially erases himself. He’s going to have to get his parents interested in each other if he wants to go back to the future. PG, Grade: B-

Back to the Future Part II. Marty heads into the future to save his children – and makes such a mess he has to go back to the past to fix it. PG, Grade; B-

Back to the Future Part III. Doc Brown has gone missing and Marty travels into the Wild West to find him. Once he’s found, he needs to figure out how to get the DeLorean back to the future from an era that doesn’t have the fuel they need. PG, Grade: B-

Barbershop.Calvin owns a barbershop on the South Side of Chicago but dreams of owning a recording studio and living in a five bedroom house. But when he decides to sell the barbershop, he learns how important it is to the neighborhood. PG-13, Grade: C+

Coneheads. The Coneheads (of SNL fame) have flown their spaceship to New York City and landed in the East River. Now they have to try to fit into human society while they await a rescue ship. PG, Grade: C-

Grease. When Sandy shows up at her new high school, she’s surprised to run into her summer love, Danny, who’s different from the guy she remembers. They sing and dance their way to a relationship in this classic musical. PG-13, Grade: D+

Magic Mike.Channing Tatum plays a male stripper who serves as mentor to a young man just starting out. Restricted. Content details only.

The Muppets.A group of fans do their best to reunite the scattered Muppets and save their studio, which is going to be razed to make space for oil wells. Cue lots of singing, dancing, corny jokes, and general zaniness. PG, Grade: A-

Muppets Most Wanted. Kermit winds up on the “Most Wanted” list after a criminal mastermind who bears a startling resemblance to him commits a jewel theft. PG, Grade; B+

The Producers (2005).A pair of sleazy musical producers try to scam their backers out of millions of dollars. Things are looking their way until the musical becomes a smash hit. PG-13, Grade: D+

Puss in Boots. This prequel introduces Puss in Boots, swordfighter and wrongfully accused villain. PG, Grade: B

The Smurfs. On the run after their adversary Gargamel has stomped on their village, the little blue smurfs wind up in New York City. PG, Grade: B

Zathura. When two brothers play a mysterious board game, they are flung into the far reaches of the universe. Now they are going to have to learn to work together if they want to get back home. PG, Grade: B+

September 2:

Freaks: You’re One of Us. This German film is the unlikely tale of a fry cook who discovers she has powers. Our review for this original Netflix production will be published on release date.

September 3:

Love, Guaranteed. Susan is an earnest young lawyer whose latest client wants to sue a dating website for not providing the loving relationship he expected. Since Susan has never dated online, she decides to do some research. This is a Netflix production and our review will be published on the 3rd.

September 4:

I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Unsure if she wants to go or not, a young woman travels with her boyfriend to his family’s secluded farm, only to wind up trapped by a snowstorm. Our review for this Netflix movie will be posted on release date.

Take Me Home Tonight: A young MIT grad is stuck working at a video store when an old girlfriend invites him to a wild party. Restricted, content issues only.

September 9:

Cuties. This French film ells the story of Amy, a young girl who defies her family’s traditions to join a group of twerking dancers. This is an original Netflix production and our review will be posted on release date.

September 11:

How to Train Your Dragon 2: Hiccup and his dragon Toothless discover an island populated with hundreds of dragons being protected by a witch. But when Drago, the dragon hunter shows up, the duo have their work cut out for them. PG, Grade: A-

Pets United: With robots taking over their city, a pet dog and stray cat join forces with other animals as they try to save their world. This is an original Netflix release and our review will be posted on the 11th.

September 15:

Smurfs 2: The tiny little blue critters are back, this time rescuing Smurfette when she is kidnapped by the evil Gargamel. PG, Grade: B-

September 16:

The Devil All the Time: With an all star cast, this original Netflix film is a gothic tale of corruption and violence set in a backwoods town. Our review will be posted on release date. Restricted

September 22:

Kiss the Ground: This documentary examines the world of regenerative agriculture, a movement that attempts to feed the world while benefiting the planet. Our review will be published on opening date.

September 23:

Enola Holmes: When Sherlock Holmes’ mother goes missing, his teenage sister, Enola, is on the case, outwitting her brother and uncovering a disturbing conspiracy. Our review for this Netflix original will be published on release date.

Waiting: This documentary focuses on the sex lives of restaurant workers and the practical jokes they play on their customers. Restricted, D-.

September 24:

Real Steel. Long time pugilist Charlie leaves the ring when boxers are expected to fight against robots. Shifting his career to that of promoter for robot fighters, he learns he has a son who needs to stay with him for a couple of months. PG-13, Grade: B-

September 27:

Bad Teacher: After failing to ensnare a rich husband, Elizabeth shifts her matrimonial goals to a fellow teacher from a wealthy family. Restricted, content details only.

September 28:

Whose Vote Counts, Explained: This Vox documentary examines democratic elections. It’s original to Netflix and our review will be published on the 28th.

Welcome to Sudden Death: This action thriller is a sequel to the Jean-Claude Van Damme film Sudden Death. Our review for this Netflix production will be posted on release date.

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