Picture from Coming to Disney+ in June

Coming to Disney+ in June

There are a few new movies coming to Disney+ in June 2020.

June 12th:

Artemis Fowl: When Artemis Fowl’s father goes missing, the young boy learns that his father was a criminal mastermind who had tangled with fairies – and these aren’t cute little fairies either. This film was originally slated for a spring theatrical release before being moved to Disney’s streaming platform. Our review will be posted earlier in the week. PG

June 19th:

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy: When Zarina steals the magic blue dust the fairies must have in order t fly, Tinker Bell and her friends chase after the fairy-turned-pirate to get it back. G, Grade: B+

June 26th:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: Percy’s just an ordinary teen trying to make it through high school, until the day a substitute teacher transforms into a monster and attacks him. Discovering that he’s actually a demi-god and that Zeus is his father sends Percy’s on an adventure to recover Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt and save the world. PG, Grade: B

Tarzan: Professor Porter and his daughter Jane are searching for gorillas in the African jungle, until they come across a barely dressed man swinging through the trees. Clearly there’s a lot of backstory here. G, Grade: B

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