Picture from Brad Pitt Will Let His 13-Year-Old See Fury
Brad Pitt plays the hardened leader of a World War II tank unit in the graphic war movie Fury. Image ©2014 Sony/Columbia

Brad Pitt Will Let His 13-Year-Old See Fury

Fury has been called a “face-first plunge into the blood, guts and terror of combat”, “the nauseating exhilaration of combat” and a “bleak and savage story of a World War II tank crew.” Since releasing to theaters, these are only a handful of the blood and guts reviews this graphic war movie has earned. Even our own reviewer called it a “meat grinder of a movie.”

With gory scenes of dismembered bodies, exploding ammunition and the sexual terrorization of women, this is not the kind of movie most parents would think of taking a young teen to see. But Brad Pitt told The Associated Press that he has no problem with his 13-year-old son Maddox seeing the film.

“He’s a World War II buff,” he said. Pitt later added, “The world is a beautiful place, but it is also a very violent place. We talk about it afterward, so I’m not so opposed.”

Many would applaud Pitt’s plan to talk to his child about the movie’s content as a positive step. But the question remains why he would choose to expose his child to this kind of graphic war violence, especially in a film that does little to make heroes of the men it portrays.

With Fury now playing in theaters, would you take your teen to see this film?

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With enough fury they might just win the war.