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And the Winner Is…

And The Winner Is…

2020 Academy Awards

Did you miss any of the films that won big at the Oscars last night? Check out what our reviewers (Keith and Kirsten) had to say about the winners.


· Best Picture

· Best Director (Bong Joon-ho)

· Best International Feature Film

· Best Original Screenplay

This South Korean movie about class, poverty, morality, and honesty is complex and sometimes confusing. Read Keith’s review here.


· Best cinematography

· Best sound mixing

· Best visual effects

This World War I epic film was a spectacular technical success, which was recognized in the awards it won. You can check Keith’s review here.


· Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix)

· Best Original Score

Although it received multiple nominations, Joker only clinched two Oscars. Check out Keith’s review to find out why.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

· Best Supporting Actor (Brad Pitt)

· Best Production Design

Quentin Tarantino’s polished production was an intriguing film, but also soaked in violence and profanity. Keith gives his perspective on this movie in his review.

Ford v. Ferrari

· Best sound editing

· Best film editing

Ford v. Ferrari was a runaway hit at the box office – and we’re not surprised. Kirsten wrote a positive review of this tale of innovation, perseverance, and corporate skullduggery.

Toy Story 4

· Best Animated Feature

We’re not surprised that this winsome, thoughtful Pixar/Disney masterpiece won, even though we also enjoyed its competitors. To find out why we loved this movie, check out Kirsten’s review.


· Best Actress (Renee Zellweger)

This biopic of Judy Garland provided music and pathos in equal measure. Keith’s positive review is here.

Jojo Rabbit

· Best Adapted Screenplay

Taika Waititi’s satire set in Nazi Germany features strong acting and a clear message against racism. Its humor, however, sometimes falters. See what Kirsten has to say about the film in her review.

Little Women

· Best Costume Design

While the costume design Oscar was richly deserved, Kirsten thinks this clever adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel should have been a winner for directing and screenplay. Find out why she’s so enthusiastic about the film here.

Marriage Story

· Best Supporting Actress (Laura Dern)

Kirsten agrees with Laura Dern’s award – she was the bright spot in an otherwise painful film. Read Kirsten’s review to find out why she has such a negative assessment of this tale of a divorce turned toxic.


· Best makeup and hair

A richly deserved award, given the astounding transformation of Charlize Theron into Megyn Kelly. You can read Kirsten’s review to get her take on this account of the sexual harassment scandal at Fox.


· Best original song

This Elton John biopic was chock full of the pop master’s most popular songs and we’re not surprised that he won for I’m Gonna Love Me Again. (Although we’re disappointed that Cynthia Erivo’s Stand Up didn’t win.) You can get Kirsten’s opinion on Rocketman here.

We didn’t write reviews for all the films that were nominated or won awards, usually because they had a limited release. But here’s what we can tell you about them:

Hair Love

· Best animated short

This was a big hit with Kirsten, who has spent her life fighting with her curly hair - which goes to show that this film transcends race. You can watch this touching mini movie on YouTube.

The Neighbors’ Window

· Best Live Action Short

Life is dull and the neighbors are interesting. But things aren’t always the way they appear. This short is available for free on YouTube – but be aware that it has some sexual content.

American Factory

· Best Documentary

This Netflix doc, generated by the Obamas’ production company, tells the story of workers laid off by General Motors and rehired by a Chinese company. It focuses on conflicts between the American employees and the Chinese managers. The trailer is here and the movie is streaming on Netflix.

Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)

· Best Documentary Short

This documentary looks at the challenges facing girls and women in Afghanistan. The trailer can be seen here. You can watch the feature on A&E.

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