A New Home Page and More!

Ever since we launched our new website in mid-2009, we had a few more things we wanted to add and optimize. Along with the most obvious change—our new home page—we’re happy to tell you about our other new features.

Obviously, you can simply explore our home page to see most of these changes, but we wanted to fill you in on some of the details.

The most obvious is our new rotating photo feature that shows you our latest reviews instantly, as well as what ones you can expect to see in the near future. Just click on the title below the photo, and you’ll be reading our full review in seconds.

Just above the photo feature, you’ll see three new buttons: Help Us Grow, Become A Free Member, and We’re On The Air.

Help Us Grow was a difficult decision for us. For years we have been dedicated to offering our movie reviews at no cost to our readers. We have been able to do this through advertising that runs on our site. However, it has become increasingly difficult to balance our budgets using this business model. While other sites are looking at mandatory subscriptions, we are hopeful our readers have already recognized the value of what we do. Have we saved you a few dollars by not paying for a movie you wouldn’t have enjoyed? Or (even better) have we helped you discover some great new films? Either way, if you can spare a few dollars, it will go a long way in helping us continue our services.

Become A Free Member offers you a way to become truly involved! By joining ParentPreviews.com, you can leave comments about movies for other readers to see. You also will have the option to receive our free weekly newsletter that provides a quick summary of everything you need to know about movies in theaters and on home video for that week, along with some other great media ideas for fun family viewing.

We’re On The Air is one of our most exciting new developments. Parent Previews is now a syndicated radio show in the US and Canada! By checking our syndicated radio show page, you’ll find out how to hear Parent Previews where you live. You can also subscribe to it as a podcast.

Scrolling down, and to the right, you’ll find links to follow us on Twitter and to join the Parent Previews group on Facebook. If you use either of these social networking services, we encourage you to visit us there. Both Twitter and Facebook users who join us on these services will receive exclusive reports on the latest movies and other media information that will be very useful for families and parents.

What else is coming? We have some other great projects in development, like a Widget you’ll be able to use on your own website or blog, as well as share with friends on Facebook. We are also planning an upgrade to the search functions on our site (yes, we are frustrated by some of our search tools too).

Finally, please tell all your friends about us. We need your support now more than ever before as we work hard to bring new features online at Parent Previews. Together, we can help more families understand the role media plays in their lives.

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