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Exercise is one of the keys to helping couples deal with stress. Image ©Dollarphoto.com/djama

3 Tips to Help Busy Couples Deal with Stress

September can spell one thing for busy families—STRESS. The hectic pace of work, carpools, homework and extracurricular activities can put a strain on families and marriages. But family therapist Lee N. Johnson has some simple advice to help relieve the pressure that can pit parents against one another.

His advice for couples: get enough sleep, get more exercise, get a hobby. While that may sound impossible in an already overtaxed schedule, Johnson, a professor of Family Life at Brigham Young University, says these three things, along with some stress reduction techniques, can help married couples reconnect.

He says aerobic exercise combined with weight-training helps battle depression and balance neurotransmitters in the body. Sleep is essential for dealing with stress as well. The lack of it can lead to an increase in the “fight or flight” response and that can trigger arguments or retreat responses when couples face challenges.

Developing a hobby offers an enjoyable outlet and increases one’s tolerance in stressful situations. That ability to step back from the situation and refocus also allows couples to stay in control of their emotions and be more understanding of one another.

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