175 Best Camp Games

If the summer doldrums are starting to set in, it may be time to pick up Kathleen, Laura and Mary Fraser’s illustrated book The 175 Best Camp Games. Despite the inclusion of camp in the title, this book is chock-full of great games and challenges for all kinds of groups—children and adventurous adults alike. So if you find yourself in charge of activities for an upcoming family reunion, day camp, neighborhood party or work retreat, peruse through these pages for some engaging entertainment.

The book includes Break the Ice ideas for newly established groups or distant relatives who haven’t seen one another for quite a while. The authors have also added sections on quiet or indoor games that can be used on rainy days as well as Run Them Ragged and Wet and Wild activities for groups with lots of outdoor space and extra energy.

Each activity is tagged with special icons that help organizers pick the games most appropriate for their group size, dynamics and available space. Rules for old favorites like Red Light, Green Light and Capture the Flag are printed along side games with names like Frolf, Cow-Tipping Tag and Nuclear Reactor. The authors, all experienced camp leaders or campers, list the ideal number of players, equipment requirements and an overall game plan for each entry. Ideas for modifying the activities for theme days give users even more ways to incorporate these challenges.

But if you are still feeling a little nervous about taking charge at your event, the Frasers have added special leader tips and sample programs to help the occasion run smoothly. Suggestions for dealing with shy kids, rule breakers and individuals with varying abilities are included along with hints on creating even teams, encouraging equal play and ensuring participant safety.

For those who are big into group games or have attended lots of team building events, many of these ideas may seem familiar. The authors acknowledge that some of their entertainment suggestions are known by other names or have local variations. Still the book offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive compilation of activities that require relatively little gear or preparation and offer hours of fun.


Authors: Kathleen, Laura and Mary Fraser

Illustrator: Bernice Lum

Published by Boston Mills Press, 2009

Distributed by: Firefly Books

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