We’re Back! parents guide

We’re Back! Parent Guide

Parent Movie Review

This is an animated feature in which a kind scientist listening to his “Wish Radio,” discovers children of the world want to meet real dinosaurs. Using his time machine, he goes back a few million years, and selects some ferocious beasts to take to earth at the present time. After giving them “Brain Gain” cereal, he transforms the reptiles into loveable lizards, that go about doing good for children, and help a little boy and girl become good friends and not miss their parents anymore. But, all is not well, as the good scientist has a brother, who is bad, bad, bad. He feeds the dinosaurs “Brain Drain” cereal, which means they will return to the beasts they are. Now it’s up to the children to save the day…

This film is presented (bankrolled) by Steven Spielberg, and has a cast that makes you wonder if you read the credits correctly. John Goodman, Jay Leno, Rhea Perlman, Martin Short, and if you can believe it, Walter Cronkite and Julia Child all hold a place in this movie. With a group like this, I can only think that the casting was done in a stuck elevator at Universal Studios: “Hey, Walt, lookin’ good. By the way, we need a voice in this cartoon. Have you got a minute? . . .”

But be sure of one thing, if a movie has dinos or ninjas in it, it will always be able to pay the bills. This movie is an example of filmakers using a trend to make a fast buck. The animation ranks with sloppy Saturday morning fare, and the writing is monotonous, providing the usual cheap scares that filmakers think children love.

They are selling this film with all sorts of coupons and incentives, and they will need it. Don’t be surprised if Brain Gain isn’t on the supermarket shelf by the end of the year. After watching this, you may need a box.

Starring John Goodman, Jay Leno, Rhea Perlman, Martin Short. Updated