A Walk In My Shoes parents guide

A Walk In My Shoes Parent Guide

Overall B+

In this made-for-TV movie (also known as In My Shoes), a busy high school teacher named Trish (Nancy Travis) gets a chance to walk in the shoes of the mother (Jana Lee Hamblin) of one of her students. And it is a perspective altering journey.

Violence B+
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A-

Why is A Walk In My Shoes rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated A Walk In My Shoes Not Rated

Run Time: 85 minutes

Parent Movie Review

The storyline in this made-for-TV movie is as old as the cliché about walking a mile in someone else’s moccasins. But that doesn’t keep this film from being an inspiring story for family viewers.

Like many people today, Trish (Nancy Travis) is a busy woman. She teaches school, takes language classes in the evening in anticipation of a trip to Italy and raises two children with her husband who is a police officer. In truth, her life is so busy she barely has time to think of anyone else but herself.

But all that changes when she meets Molly (Yara Martinez), an angelic character who wanders in and out of people’s lives at will. The dark-haired cherub explains to Trish that she is about to trade places with the mother of one of her students. Following a minor automobile accident, Trish discovers she is now Cindy Kremer (Jana Lee Hamblin), a waitress and single mother of two boys. Cindy’s husband was killed months earlier while on tour in Iraq. Wounded emotionally and financially, Cindy and her two sons, Mikey (Jackson Pace) and Justin (Cameron Deane Stewart) struggle to keep their lives afloat.

Taken out of her comfortable existence and put in the place of the careworn mother, Trish suddenly sees life from another side when she and the boys are evicted from their home. Luckily they are taken in by Jake, a young handyman (Philip Winchester) who lives next door. But her life continues to be hard. Work in the diner rivals anything she did in the high school and extra groceries are a luxury afforded only with the tip of a generous customer.

However Trish isn’t the only one who needs some heavenly intervention in her life. Jake, a former Marine, is running from something in his past. And so is Justin. With some careful intercession, Molly brings the three of these troubled souls together to help them gain a new perspective on life.

Airing on December 3, 2010, this made-for-TV movie takes a plot as common as Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and reworks it with a modern twist. With little content concerns other than some discussion of war and death, and the depiction of an automobile accident, most parents will be comfortable sharing this benign narrative with their slightly older children. If nothing else, this walk may give some viewers a reason to pause and consider their own harried lives. And with the frantic pace of life, a little self-reflection might be a good thing.

Directed by John Kent Harrison. Starring Yara Martinez, Cameron Deane Stewart, Jana Lee Hamblin, Jackson Pace, Philip Winchester, Nancy Travis . Running time: 85 minutes. Updated

A Walk In My Shoes
Rating & Content Info

Why is A Walk In My Shoes rated Not Rated? A Walk In My Shoes is rated Not Rated by the MPAA

Violence: Boys on skateboards nearly hit a pedestrian. A man loses the use of his brakes and later a woman is involved in a minor car accident. Characters discuss the impact of war and the death of a loved one. A man talks briefly about the difficulties of his job as a police officer.

Sexual Content: None noted.

Language: None noted.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A woman pours a drink for her husband after work.

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A Walk In My Shoes Parents' Guide

The students in Trish’s high school English class are asked to write a paper about an incident that changed their lives. What happened in Justin’s life? What event in your experience has had a life-changing impact on you?

Why can it be difficult to see the world from another person’s perspective? How can you develop a broader point of view without actually changing places with someone as Trish did? Would a better understanding of another’s problems make you respond differently to them?

Whether or not you believe in God, are there people in your life that have been "angels" and helped you? Have you ever been that for someone else?

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The made for TV movie In My Shoes releases to home video under the title, A Walk In My Shoes. The DVD and Blu-ray packages offer:

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