Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black parents guide

Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black Parent Guide

Unlike Tyler Perry's other films, this one is almost watchable - if you are prepared for the tidal wave of profanity.

Overall D+

Prime Video: Ava is devastated when her husband leaves her, but as she reconsiders their years together, she realizes she's better off without him.

Release date July 11, 2024

Violence C
Sexual Content C-
Profanity D
Substance Use C-

Why is Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black rated R? The MPAA rated Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black R for language, some sexual content and violence.

Run Time: 143 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Why do women stay with violent and abusive husbands? I’ve seen friends stick it out in bad marriages and have heard them speak of patience, forgiveness, potential, second chances, honoring vows, finding help, and the needs of their children. I can see where they’re coming from, but I’ve never understood it. (Which shows how lucky I’ve been.)

Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black endeavors to tell one of these stories from a woman’s perspective, while also providing a heaping serving of warnings and relationship advice. Ava (Meagan Good) is a preacher’s daughter, successful bank employee, and wife to

Dallas (Cory Hardrict). The couple live comfortably in Atlanta, not too far from their rural hometown. Ava’s parents are loving and supportive, but Dallas grew up in a violent family of career criminals who never accepted his wife. Now Dallas has had enough of Ava and her parents and demands a divorce.

With her dream of a lasting marriage crumbling around her, Ava takes a long, hard look at the misery she has endured in two decades with Dallas. As she confronts her impossible dreams, rationalizations, and years of living in denial, she finally accepts that she’s been trapped in an abusive marriage and is better off getting out of it. There’s just one catch: Dallas isn’t ready to let her go…

I’m no fan of director Tyler Perry – his Madea films are some of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Heaven knows Divorce in the Black is no cinematic masterpiece, but at least it’s watchable. I’m sympathetic with any film that points out the horrors of domestic violence and the toll it takes on women and our society. As with any other Tyler Perry movie, the dialogue is often clunky, and in this case, it’s sometimes preachy. But, hey, if he wants to warn viewers about domestic violence, I don’t care if he gets a bit awkward at times.

What I object to in this film is the profanity, which hits close to 200 curse words, over half of which are sexual expletives or scatological curses. There’s also sexual content, with a sex scene that involves some disrobing, heated kissing, oral sex, and passionate moaning and thrusting. There’s no nudity, but, boy, is there a lot of heat. Given the movie’s theme, it’s not surprising that violence is frequently on screen. People are beaten, clubbed, and shot, sometimes fatally. Some of these acts are premeditated and some are done in self-defense. Add in frequent alcohol consumption and marijuana use and the Restricted rating is well deserved.

Whether or not this film deserves your time is a bigger question. The story is gripping, the tension unrelenting, and the issue is one that deserves continued attention. But the level of negative content is high and the movie’s flaws too often weigh it down. And did I mention that’s almost two-and-a-half hours long? With that kind of time, you could find more interesting and comprehensive ways to understand the issue of domestic violence – and skip all the cussing.

Directed by Tyler Perry. Starring Meagan Good, Cory Hardrict, Debbi Morgan. Running time: 143 minutes. Theatrical release July 11, 2024. Updated

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Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black
Rating & Content Info

Why is Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black rated R? Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black is rated R by the MPAA for language, some sexual content and violence.

Violence: At a funeral, it is mentioned that the deceased died by violence. A corpse is removed from the casket and put in the back of a truck. A person confesses to killing a parent in a domestic violence context. Guns are fired, and people are injured and killed, sometimes in cold blood and also in self defence. People are beaten, hit with baseball bats, thrown, and kicked. A man beats a woman and it’s indicated that he has done it before. A man chokes a woman as part of a beating. A man threatens an older woman in a grocery store. A man breaks into his ex’s house. A man breaches a restraining order. A bartender cocks a gun and forces belligerent patrons to leave the property. Animals are fatally poisoned in an act of revenge.
Sexual Content: A woman strips down to her slip in church and throws her clothes. There is a detailed sex scene (without nudity) that involves a man and woman undressing each other, the man performing oral sex on the woman, and scenes of moaning and thrusting. A woman asks a man to have sex with her; he declines. There’s mention of a man’s past infidelity.
Profanity: The script contains close to 200 profanities, including over 50 sexual expletives and another 50+ scatological curses. There are 30 crude anatomical terms, 27 minor profanities, a dozen racial slurs for African Americans (used by Black characters to describe other Black characters), and 15 crude terms for women.
Alcohol / Drug Use: Main characters drink alcohol at social events and as a way to manage stress. A man drinks to excess on more than one occasion and becomes belligerent. A main character is given a marijuana gummy before a party. A man is told he’s drunk and high.

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Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black Parents' Guide

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