The Two Popes parents guide

The Two Popes Parent Guide

Streaming on Netflix: A profound character study, "The Two Popes" also comes with inspiring messages of forgiveness, hope, and appreciating people with different perspectives.

Overall A-

Weary of the burdens of his office, Pope Benedict XVI meets with Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, a man with whom he disagrees profoundly, but who he believes might be just what the Catholic Church needs as pontiff.

Release date December 20, 2019

Violence C+
Sexual Content B
Profanity B+
Substance Use B-

Why is The Two Popes rated PG-13? The MPAA rated The Two Popes PG-13 for thematic content and some disturbing violent images

Run Time: 125 minutes

Parent Movie Review

“Any journey, no matter how glorious, can start with a mistake.” These words of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) neatly sum up his life. Haunted by his misguided attempt to protect Argentina’s Jesuit Order during the country’s Dirty War in the 1970s, Bergoglio has devoted his ministry to caring for the poor and marginalized. Frustrated by what he sees as a Catholic hierarchy that prioritizes condemning sexual behavior over denouncing oppressive political and economic systems, Bergoglio flies to Rome to request Pope Benedict XVI’s (Anthony Hopkins) approval for his resignation.

The Pope has struggles of his own. After lobbying for his election in 2005, the aging pontiff is struggling with the burdens of his office. Nicknamed “God’s rottweiler” for his determination to protect the institutional church and the purity of its doctrine, Benedict no longer feels the presence of his Lord. Desiring to retire from the papacy, Benedict feels the need to discuss the challenges facing the church and relieve himself of the burdens of the past.

The Two Popes is a brilliant character study of two wildly different men – the affable, gregarious Argentinian and the self-contained, literal-minded German. Jonathan Pryce dazzles with a deeply emotional performance, ably portraying Bergoglio’s humility, dedication, simplicity, and warm humor. And Anthony Hopkins becomes the aging Benedict, struggling with the physical realities of age, his guilt over the clerical abuse scandal, his spiritual drought, and his continued desire to maintain what he sees as the non-negotiable doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Moviegoers who enjoy character dramas will be enthralled by this production. Anyone looking for action should remember that both men are senior citizens and the only excitement here is the occasional raised voice. The real conflict driving the story is the tension between different world views and conceptions of God, mercy, and faith. Viewers who enjoy diving into deeper issues will find much to think about here.

The film contains mild content issues, mainly sanitized violence relating to human rights abuses perpetrated by Argentina’s military dictatorship. The minor negative content is far overshadowed by the positive messages that permeate the movie. The account of Bergoglio’s spiritual journey is one of forgiveness (of self and others), repentance, redemption, service, hope, and compassion. This movie also reminds us that even people who hold strongly opposing views can come to respect and appreciate one another, even working together as Benedict XVI cedes his place to Francis. And that’s a message that needs to move beyond the Vatican and into the larger world.

Directed by Fernando Meirelles. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce. Running time: 125 minutes. Theatrical release December 20, 2019. Updated

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The Two Popes
Rating & Content Info

Why is The Two Popes rated PG-13? The Two Popes is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for thematic content and some disturbing violent images

Violence: There are violent scenes from Argentina’s Dirty War. Soldiers round up and shoot priests. There is mention of people disappearing after being apprehended by soldiers or police. Priests are dragged into police cars. There is mention of torture, specifically, breaking prisoners’ hands. People are shown contorted in cells. Live prisoners are bound and thrown out of airplanes and into the ocean.
Sexual Content:   Characters mention the sexual abuse of children by clergy; no detail.
Profanity: This movie contains one term of deity, one mild profanity, and one crude term.
Alcohol / Drug Use: Main characters drink small amounts of alcohol, usually with meals.

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The Two Popes Parents' Guide

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