Sometime Other Than Now parents guide

Sometime Other Than Now Parent Guide

The desire to change and to right past wrongs is at the heart of this film.

Overall C

Digital on Demand: Sam's on a quest to meet the daughter he abandoned decades ago. When fear threatens to overwhelm him, he receives support from the owner of the motel where he's staying.

Release date March 5, 2021

Violence B
Sexual Content D
Profanity D
Substance Use D

Why is Sometime Other Than Now rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated Sometime Other Than Now Not Rated

Run Time: 89 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Do you believe in second chances? Do you think that someone who has made a terrible mistake should have the chance to try to make things right? If so, you’re going to be rooting for Sam (Donal Logue). Having abandoned his daughter, Audrey (Trieste Kelly Dunn) and her mother decades ago, Sam has ridden his motorbike across America to the small New England town where she lives in hopes of atoning for the past. But as soon as he sees Audrey at a distance, Sam panics and starts packing up to leave.

There are two reasons that Sam stays put. First, his motorcycle was damaged after he fell asleep on the highway and wiped out. Second, he’s developing feelings for Kate (Kate Walsh), the owner of the motel where he’s staying.

Romantic dramas vary widely across the genre. At their worst they are syrupy, predictable bits of shlock. Sometime Other Than Now is not one of those movies. It’s a thoughtful character study that delves deeply into its characters’ feelings and avoids paint-by-number plotlines. The writing is much better than I expected and although there are some unbelievable lines most of the script feels honest. The acting outperforms the script with people who feel completely authentic. I was particularly impressed with Donal Logue who does an outstanding job with Sam. Characters who are reserved or slow to speak can be difficult for actors and the results are portrayals of people who simply seem stunned or confused. Not so with Sam. His emotions are visible on Logue’s face. In his hands, we can see how Sam’s abandonment of his daughter has haunted him, eroding his self esteem and filling him with self doubt. Logue’s performance allows us to sympathize as Sam struggles to express his sincere desires to be a better person.

That desire to change; to right past wrongs, is the heart of the film. Sam agonizes over his every move, wondering if he deserves to see his daughter, terrified that he will again be a person who causes disappointment and heartache. Kate’s advice, that he choose not to be that person again, is applicable to anyone who’s stewing over past mistakes.

For the first hour of the film’s runtime I was all set to recommend it for mature viewers, but then the sexual content ramped up. This movie contains two sex scenes involving visible breasts as well as a moment where a naked man is seen from the side in a non-sexual context. For a family film critic, this is intensely frustrating. The film is unrated, clearly falling into Restricted territory. However, judicious editing could easily have made Sometime Other Than Now a PG-13 film. Despite its solid messages about taking responsibility, strengthening family ties, and trying to make things right, this clearly isn’t a teen-friendly film, which means that families will be watching something other than this.

Directed by Dylan McCormick. Starring Kate Walsh, Donal Logue, and Trieste Kelly Dunn. Running time: 89 minutes. Theatrical release March 5, 2021. Updated

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Sometime Other Than Now
Rating & Content Info

Why is Sometime Other Than Now rated Not Rated? Sometime Other Than Now is rated Not Rated by the MPAA

Violence: A man verbally abuses a woman who is apparently in a relationship with him.
Sexual Content: A man and woman kiss; she’s later shown lying in his bed and sex is implied. A man and woman kiss passionately and start undressing; they’re later shown in his bed but they don’t have sex. A woman’s breasts are visible in a sexual context. A man is seen nude from the side in a non-sexual context. A couple are seen having sex: with the woman’s breasts and buttocks briefly visible.
Profanity: There are approximately a dozen each of sexual expletives and terms of deity. There are a handful of scatological curses and a couple of minor swear words. A demeaning term for women is used.
Alcohol / Drug Use: Main characters drink alcohol in social settings and alone, sometimes to excess. A woman drives after drinking several shots of bourbon.

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Sometime Other Than Now Parents' Guide

Sam seems to drift through his life, allowing other people to make decisions for him or running away from challenges. What could he have done differently early on in his life? Do you think he has changed? What will he need to do to maintain his family ties?

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