Santa vs the Snowman parents guide

Santa vs the Snowman Parent Guide

Overall B-

Violence B
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Why is Santa vs the Snowman rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated Santa vs the Snowman Not Rated

Parent Movie Review

Welcome to Santa’s darker side. The jolly old elf loses his Ho, Ho, Ho when a tuneless Snowman steals a plastic flute from his workshop.

It all began innocently enough. The mute snowman lost his own flute after he nearly got run-over by a reindeer. As the little whistle was his only voice, the poor frozen soul wants to know who’s responsible. Following the offender, the Snowman discovers Santa’s home base. Peering through the windows he sees the adoring, friendly elves, the countless toys… and a single little flute just like the one he used to know.

Sure no one will miss the instrument, the Snowman helps himself. But his crime sets off alarm bells, searchlights and a group of guard elves on motorcycles. Offended that Santa would begrudge him so small a gift, the icy fellow gives way to jealous thoughts. In a Dr. Jykle / Mr. Hyde like transformation, the Snowman turns ice cubes into military minions and storms Santa’s North Pole hideout. His goal is to usurp the role of beloved Father Christmas.

Santa’s personality undergoes a similar switch. No more Mr. Nice Guy, he employs some definitely naughty techniques to defend himself against the white ball of snow and his clone army. Playing homage to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the two engage in a planet Hoth like battle, using rocket-powered reindeer, igloo-shaped All Terrain Armored Transport walkers, mistletoe missiles and exploding bows.

If this isn’t what you were expecting from a Holiday children’s show, you’re not alone. Even though it is all played for laughs, the violence is mostly slapstick, and only a few brief sexual innuendos clutter up some of the elves’ small talk, the extended conflict depicted here distracts from the rather meager moments when a message about the joy of giving is offered.

From the creators of Jimmy Neutron, this computer-generated animation was originally presented in 3D - so those snowballs could fly right past you. For those who find this simulated visual experience causes all-too-real motion sickness, there is an option to watch the film in the more traditional two-dimensional format.

Bonus features include some festive recipes for female viewers and a cocoa-blaster/ snowball game for the male members of the audience. While the story line may appeal to young boys, anyone looking for the lighter, cheerier side of Christmas is likely to be disappointed.


Santa vs the Snowman Parents' Guide

In this film, Santa’s workshop and elves take on a military feel. What things did the creators do to give the audience this impression? How do you imagine Santa and his North Pole home?

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The Snowman in this film shares many traits in common with the main character in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Don’t forget to compare this feature with Jimmy Neutron and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.