The Remains Of The Day parents guide

The Remains Of The Day Parent Guide

Overall A-

Violence A
Sexual Content A+
Profanity A-
Substance Use --

Why is The Remains Of The Day rated PG? The MPAA rated The Remains Of The Day PG

Parent Movie Review

This is a compelling story of two people, and the ultimate example of lack of communication. Anthony Hopkins plays Stevens, a perfect English butler that would go to any length for his master. Emma Thompson plays the upstart housekeeper, who watches the ongoings of the house and has no problems voicing her concerns and opinions. There is just one thing she cannot talk about: Her love for Stevens, who, when he hired her expressed his displeasure of the servants having relationships with each other.

If you like action packed movies, pass this one by. But if you enjoy a film that shows human emotions and reactions in a realistic and involving way, this movie is a must see. It is a film of subtle nuances, gestures, and a love story that ends the way many do in reality, but few are shown on the screen.

Although there is no violence, one very minor expletive, and no sex, the movie would probably bore pre-teen children. The lack of sexual content is a fine example of how a compulsive love story can be brought to the screen without even a kiss. This is a film that bases itself on solid writing, exceptional acting, and accurate directing, and needs no cheap thrills to motivate the audience.

Remains Of The Day reminds us how our lives can be altered through the act of doing nothing, and how we stand to lose out on life by being focused to an extreme on one ideal. Stevens’ obsession with his duties and inability to cope with his inner feelings caused him to forfeit his one opportunity to love someone.

The world is full of people like Stevens, people that are surrounded by others on the outside, yet are dying of loneliness on the inside. This beautiful film helps us all to understand the true importance of love and sharing our lives with others.