Miss Juneteenth parents guide

Miss Juneteenth Parent Guide

This solidly acted production is a moving story about the emotional realities of parenting.

Overall C+

Digitsl on Demand: Winning the "Miss Juneteenth" beauty pageant gets the victor a full ride scholarship to any historically black university they choose- but Kai isn't that interested in competing. Her mother, Turquoise, a former winner herself, takes it upon herself to make sure that Kai wins.

Release date June 19, 2020

Violence B
Sexual Content C
Profanity D
Substance Use C-

Why is Miss Juneteenth rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated Miss Juneteenth Not Rated

Run Time: 103 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Turquoise Jones (Nicole Beharie) has lots of regrets, but one thing she remembers with pride is her term as Fort Worth’s Miss Juneteenth, the beauty queen representing the African American community. Her satisfying memories of winning the crown battle with her self-reproach over the lapses that cost her the scholarship. As she juggles two jobs – one waiting tables in a bar and the other applying makeup at the local funeral home – she swears that her daughter Kai (Alexis Chikaeze) will never make the same mistakes and experience the same struggles. As Turquoise says to Kai’s father (Kendrick Sampson), “I’m gonna make her something we ain’t”

Given her own past, it’s not surprising that Turquoise’s plans for Kai’s successful future revolve around the Miss Juneteenth pageant and the opportunities it can provide the victor. To that end, she counts every penny to pay for registration fees and an elaborate gown. And she is so fixated on her goal that she is unable to see that Kai is far less invested in wearing the tiara…

Miss Juneteenth is a touching film about the emotional realities of parenting. It can be a challenge for parents to stop projecting our dreams on to our children and to acknowledge that they are individuals who have their own needs, dreams, and hopes. While this isn’t a film that will interest most teens, it will almost certainly resonate with parents – and it might sting a few.

Although the movie is geared at adults, it has moderate levels of “adult” content. There is some non-explicit sexual activity and approximately sixteen swear words. There are also frequent scenes of adults smoking and drinking alcohol – which isn’t surprising since Turquoise works in a bar. Fortunately, the negative content is somewhat compensated for with the positive messages that fill the movie. Turquoise might be blinded by her dreams, but she is a good mother who loves her daughter and provides clear expectations and consequences. While some viewers will find her too strict, she demonstrates her concern for her daughter as she supervises homework, corrects poor grammar, and minimizes Kai’s contact with boys. Kai is certainly frustrated with her mother, but the relationship between the two of them clearly demonstrates that when kids feel loved, they are resilient enough to roll with their parents’ well intentioned mistakes. This relationship is beautifully brought to life by Nicole Beharie as the determined, focused Turquoise and by Alexis Chikaeze who clearly portray’s Kai’s mingled love and frustration.

It’s appropriate that the movie is focused on the Miss Juneteenth pageant. June 19th marks the day in 1865 when the last enslaved people in the United States learned of their liberation from slavery. Few dates could better serve as the cornerstone for a film in which the protagonists are seeking their own freedom – whether from poverty, oppressive dreams, or outside control.

Directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples. Starring Nicole Beharie, Kendrick Sampson, and Alexis Chikaeze. Running time: 103 minutes. Theatrical release June 19, 2020. Updated

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Miss Juneteenth
Rating & Content Info

Why is Miss Juneteenth rated Not Rated? Miss Juneteenth is rated Not Rated by the MPAA

Violence: A woman slaps her adult daughter during an argument. People raise their voices in arguments. There is mention of the shooting of an alligator.
Sexual Content: A married couple kiss and stroke one another in bed; they are seen in bed together the next morning. A woman wears a low cut t-shirt that displays cleavage.
Profanity: There are sixteen uses of coarse and profane language, including three sexual expletives, five scatological curses, and a handful of terms of deity, anatomical words, and mild swear words. There are also two uses of a racial slur, used affectionately by a character of the same race.
Alcohol / Drug Use: A main character works in a bar: people are frequently seen drinking alcohol. A woman is shown drunk; there is reference to her history of alcoholism. Main characters smoke frequently.

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Miss Juneteenth Parents' Guide

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