Keep Watching parents guide

Keep Watching Parent Guide

Is it real or make-believe?

Release date October 31, 2017

A family cannot understand why a group of sadistic intruders would break into their home and force them to play a game of "Kill, Or Be Killed", until they realize their horrific experiences are being streamed live. Sadly, the viewing audience seems content to keep watching, waiting to see if the action is real or just make-believe.

Why is Keep Watching rated R? The MPA rated Keep Watching R for violence, terror, some language and brief drug use.

Run Time: 89 minutes

News About "Keep Watching"

From the Studio:
A family imprisoned by intruders is forced to play a terrifying game of "Kill, Or Be Killed". As the night unfolds, the game's mysterious rules become clear, and the family realizes their nightmare is being streamed live to riveted viewers all over the world, who are compelled to KEEP WATCHING...not knowing if what they're seeing is real, or staged. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Cast and Crew

Keep Watching is directed by Sean Carter and stars Bella Thorne, Natalie Martinez, Chandler Riggs.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Keep Watching movie is February 6, 2018. Here are some details…

Keep Watching releases to home video (DVD) on February 6, 2018.

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