Joy Ride (2023) parents guide

Joy Ride (2023) Parent Guide

Finding yourself in the wildest way.

Release date July 7, 2023

Theaters: Two best friends go on a trip to China to find one of their birth mothers and end up caught in a wild adventure that tests their friendship sense of identity.

Why is Joy Ride (2023) rated ? The MPA rated Joy Ride (2023)

Run Time: 95 minutes

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Joy Ride (2023)
Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Due to high levels of negative content, our writers are not viewing this film. We can provide content information derived from government rating agencies.

Violence: A girl punches a boy in the face for a racist name-calling. A film is being shot and one scene includes a man bloodily slitting his own throat
Sexual Content:: There are multiple scenes of sexual activity and even more sexually suggestive moments. A woman’s buttocks and genitals are shown in a non-sexual context; specifically her vagina is shown covered by a large tattoo. Sex scenes don’t involve nudity but are otherwise detailed. A character has a one-night stand. Two men perform oral sex on a woman. Another three-way scene penetration which is not shown in detail. A massage gun is used as a sex toy. A musical sequence includes talk of masturbation, sexual positions and acts, and condoms.
Profanity: There are well over 120 uses of profanity in the script, including frequent sexual expletives as well as scatological curses, crude anatomical slang, and racial/ethnic slurs.
Drugs/Alcohol: Alcohol is frequently used in excess and characters become drunk and vomit. Needing to dispose of drugs quickly, characters snort cocaine, swallow pills, and stuff cocaine in their rectum.

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Cast and Crew

Joy Ride (2023) is directed by Adele Lim and stars Ashley Park, Stephanie Hsu, Sherry Cola.