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Gambit Parent Guide

Revenge is a dangerous quest.

Release date October 12, 2012

Seeking revenge is a dangerous quest, and the process is especially complicated for Harry Deane (Colin Firth) because his plan to sell his berating boss a phony Monet painting can only be accomplished with the help of a Texas rodeo queen (Cameron Diaz).

Why is Gambit rated PG-13? The MPA rated Gambit PG-13 for some suggestive content, partial nudity and a rude gesture.

Run Time: 89 minutes

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Why is Gambit rated PG-13? Gambit is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some suggestive content, partial nudity and a rude gesture.

Release Date: 12 October 2012: This movie is opening in limited release, so we are unable to review it.

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Cast and Crew

Gambit is directed by Michael Hoffman and stars Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Gambit movie is May 27, 2014. Here are some details…

Gambit releases to home video on May 27, 2014.

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