Friendsgiving parents guide

Friendsgiving Parent Guide

Non-stop sexual content, crude innuendo, and frequent over-consumption of alcohol render this turkey unsuitable for family viewing.

Release date October 23, 2020

Molly and her friend Abby decide to spend Thanksgiving together. That is, until friends and relatives invite themselves over for a dinner of turkey and dysfunction.

Why is Friendsgiving rated R? The MPA rated Friendsgiving R for crude sexual content and language throughout, and for drug use

Run Time: 95 minutes

Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Why is Friendsgiving rated R? Friendsgiving is rated R by the MPAA for crude sexual content and language throughout, and for drug use

Based on our advance research into this film’s content, we determined that it was not suitable for family viewing. (Frankly, our reviewers have had enough bad films this weekend already.) The content issues that led to our decision are as follows.

Violence: None noted.
Sexual Content: A woman is shown in a dominatrix costume while wielding a whip. A character is seen nude with only scanty coverage over his genitals. A man is shirtless for much of the movie. A man’s buttocks are seen. Characters joke about the size of a man’s genitals. There are frequent conversations about sex, sometimes with graphic detail and hand gestures. There is an overabundance of sexual innuendo. Characters joke about sexual assault. There is a sex scene where characters are obviously naked, although breasts and genitals are not visible. Characters joke about a sex toy. There are frequent kissing scenes. A woman makes out with a married woman. Characters make jokes using innuendo for male genitals. Lesbian stereotypes are frequently invoked for humor. There are “fairy gay mothers”.
Profanity: There is almost non-stop swearing with frequent use of the sexual expletive, anatomical curses, scatological terms, and terms of deity. Characters use slang terms for womens’ breasts.
Alcohol/drug Use: Alcohol has a central role in the movie, with drinking occurring throughout the story. Characters frequently resort to alcohol and are shown intoxicated. A main character gets drunk in a grocery store. Some characters use “magic mushrooms” to get stoned: this is supposed to be funny. Characters joke about cocaine.
Other::  Adults frequently behave in ways that could endanger the safety of a baby they are supposed to be babysitting.

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Friendsgiving is directed by Nicol Paone and stars Malin Akerman, Kat Dennings, Jack Donnelly.

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