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See no evil, speak no evil.

Release date May 21, 2021

A documentary about the legacy of Nazi Germany from the perspective of the last generation that participated in it.

Why is Final Account rated PG-13? The MPA rated Final Account PG-13 for thematic material and some disturbing images.

Run Time: 90 minutes

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Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Why is Final Account rated PG-13? Final Account is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for thematic material and some disturbing images.

Due to the coronavirus, theaters in our area are closed. This content information comes from government rating agencies.
Violence:There are scenes of violence and injury in a historical context. There are pervasive references to and description of suffering and mass murder. There are infrequent pictures of gun violence. There are occasional depictions of corpses with some detail.
Profanity:There is a single scatological curse word.

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Final Account is directed by Luke Holland and stars .