Entrapment parents guide

Entrapment Parent Guide

Overall B-

Former Bond star Sean Connery may be getting into his golden years, but with all that charm and sophistication, producers figure he's still got what it takes to orchestrate some greatest heists and get the girl.

Release date April 30, 1999

Violence C
Sexual Content B-
Profanity D+
Substance Use C-

Why is Entrapment rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Entrapment PG-13 for some language, sensuality, violence and drug content

Run Time: 113 minutes

Parent Movie Review

So what does James Bond do when he retires? Race exotic cars? Start a modeling agency specializing in tall Russians?

Entrapment - Official Site Entrapment has another idea. Former Bond star Sean Connery may be getting into his golden years, but with all that charm and sophistication, producers figure he’s still got what it takes to orchestrate some of the greatest art heists imaginable and fill theater seats. Besides what his character, Mac, is lacking in physical prowess, “Gin” (Catherine Zeta-Jones), an insurance claims investigator posing as a thief, can more than make up for.

Entrapment - Official Site This film’s plot twists and turns like Zeta-Jones’s body does as we watch her manipulate through a maze of red wool constructed to simulate the laser beam security system she will have to navigate in their big heist. The idea is for Gin to help Mac steal a rare golden Chinese mask so she can entrap him and turn this infamous thief over to the authorities. But the more we watch her and Mac work together, the more we begin to wonder…

Entrapment - Official Site Mac’s greatest thrill comes from the challenge of stealing. With a nice castle in the country, and a helicopter parked in the garage, he’s obviously become very successful at taking whatever he pleases. This fanciful portrayal of lawlessness may encourage young viewers to consider developing their light-fingering skills at the local mall. One rule Mac is willing to keep is not having a sexual relationship with a working partner, although the director still manages to give us a good idea of what Zeta-Jones looks like without pajamas.

If you have older teens begging for an action film, unfortunately they don’t come much tamer than this, even though it includes some action violence, two unneeded sexual expletives and other profanities, along with the overall theme of glamorizing a life of crime. When I think about it, constructing a G-rated film about spies, thieves, and life in the fast lane would present a few difficulties… especially for a retired James Bond.

Starring Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames. Running time: 113 minutes. Theatrical release April 30, 1999. Updated

Entrapment Parents' Guide

How realistic are the consequences that Mac and Gin face in this movie? Can you think of other movies that depict a life of crime in an attractive way? Can movies like these alter our perceptions of what happens to criminals?