Picture from Invincible
Overall B+

Thanks to an open tryout with the Philadelphia Eagles, an avid fan (Mark Wahlberg) gets an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play on his favorite football team. The movie is inspired by the true story of Vince Papali, and will be a must-see for sports loving families.

Violence B-
Sexual Content B+
Profanity B
Substance Use C

MPAA Rating: PG for sports action and some mild language.

Talk to your kids about…


How does Vince use the note from his wife as motivation during training camp? How does he finally overcome his doubts about his abilities?

While talent and skill is important, what other factors contribute to a person’s success on the sports field, in the music room or in an academic pursuit? How does Vince’s father, his friends and the little boy wearing his number help to motivate the rookie to do his best?

What things do Coach Vermeil and Vince have in common? Why does the coach give Vince a chance to come to training camp? Have others ever believed in you when your chance for success seemed highly improbable?