Picture from The Game Plan
Overall B+

Joe Kingman (Dwayne"The Rock" Johnson), a famous quarterback and lady's man, has to come up with a new Game Plan when an eight-year-old girl (Madison Pettis) appears on his turf claiming to be his daughter.

Violence B+
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B+
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: PG for some mild thematic elements.

Talk to your kids about…

The Game Plan

How does Peyton’s arrival change the way Joe feels about his career and current lifestyle? Does he take his parenting responsibilities seriously or not?

The film initially relies on stereotypical depictions of athletes. Do those portrayals change? What other interests do some of these players have?

How can family relationships help individuals overcome selfish tendencies? What does Joe discover about himself? How does his attitude change help his game?

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