Picture from VidAngel Says They’re Back, But What’s Different?
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VidAngel Says They’re Back, But What’s Different?

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On Tuesday, June 13, VidAngel held a press conference to announce its latest business plan. The company has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle against Hollywood studios for providing edited versions of popular movies to families who preferred films with less objectionable content. (Most of the concern has centered on the breaking of encryption locks on DVDs and Blu-ray discs so that content could be streamed to viewers.)

Now the feisty company claims they have a new way of filtering that is in response to a suggestion from one of Disney’s lawyers. Their new subscription plan allows viewers to filter Netflix, Amazon and (in the future) other streaming services. But what about those of us who want to watch rentals the moment they are released? And the situation became more complicated on June 6, 2017,after Sony Pictures announced it’s intention to release 24 of its films in a censored version. (That makes them major competition.)

Parent Previews talks with Jeff Simpson, a media specialist asked to be a beta tester for VidAngel, for an inside look at the company’s new announcements and the latest developments in the case for clean video. You can listen here or by clicking the play button at the top of this story.

(You can catch up on this backstory by listening to the Parent Previews Podcast from January 14, 2017, when we spoke with VidAngel’s CEO Neal Harmon.)

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