Picture from Store Shelves Snowed Under with Frozen Merchandise
Elsa and Anna dolls are just a few of the Frozen-inspired products for sale this Christmas season. Image ©Rod Gustafson

Store Shelves Snowed Under with Frozen Merchandise

I just got back from the fabric store where bolts of Frozen-inspired fabrics line the shelves. Now you don’t have to just buy Olaf pajamas for your kids, you can make them yourself. Of course, it’s hard to go into almost any store this Christmas season without encountering some kind of Frozen merchandise.

Toys"R"Us lists over 200 Frozen inspired products; everything from dolls and purses to dress-up clothes and dishes. Other big retailers like Walmart and Target have similar lengthy lists of Frozen merchandise for sale. But you can also find products grocery stores, fast food establishments and even a few hardware outlets.

According to Panjiva, which tracks global trade, shipments of Frozen products like dolls, books, games and costumes increased 470% between August and October, the period in which retailers get ready for the peak holiday shopping season. That should make it much easier for consumers to find movie-inspired merchandise compared to last year. A short-supply last Christmas left many parents scrambling to find anything Frozen to put under the tree.

Among this year’s hottest Frozen products for sale is the Snow Glow Elsa doll. The Guardian reports an extra five Chinese factories have “been jolted into action to ramp up the production of the 18-inch doll.” They also report that the blond beauty is responsible for saving her manufacturer, Jakks Pacific, who was facing difficult financial times. But the recent upsurge in production likely won’t get dolls into the hands of every demanding customer before Christmas morning.

According to Panjiva, the Snow Queen has outsold Anna products by 74%. And sales of Olaf snowman have outpaced Frosty the Snowman (whose rights are owned by DreamWorks Animation) by 77%. Riding the movie’s storm of popularity, Disney plans to launch food and health related products featuring the sisters and other characters from the movie over the next few months. The studio will also debut a short from Walt Disney Animation Studios called “Frozen Fever” with the release of the live-action movie Cinderella in March 2015. The company’s Anaheim theme park will also feature some “Frozen Fun” beginning in January when Elsa and Anna boot the Muppets out of their 3D theater in Hollywood Lane. The stage will be converted into Arendelle’s Crown Jewel Theater and host a Frozen Sing-Along experience. Olaf will take over Stage 17 with his own musical show.

However if you want something truly unique you might need to splurge for a 2015 Frozen calendar made out of pure platinum. For a mere $835,800 you can own one of these specially made 30” x 20” items from Ginza Tanaka stores in Japan. Or book a Norwegian Frozen package. Since adding a Frozen banner to its homepage, VisitNorway.com has tripled its traffic. Hotel bookings in the country are up 37% and Norwegian flights have increased by 153%. (The movie’s fictional setting is the Norwegian coastline.)

But is there a negative side to all the hoopla swirling around this mega blockbuster that has already earned over $1,274,000,000 worldwide?

It seems there is. In at least one case, this girl-power movie has inspired one Japanese woman to demand a divorce. An anonymous man on the website “The Gravesite of Married People” posted that his wife, an ardent fan who had seen the movie multiple times, took him to a screening. But he failed to gush over the antics of Elsa and Anna declaring that the movie was “Ok”. That didn’t sit well with his wife who responded “If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being!”

I’m not sure how that reasoning will hold up in divorce court—unless the judge is a Frozen fan as well.

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