Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie parents guide

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Parent Guide

Overall D+

Violence D+
Sexual Content B+
Profanity A-
Substance Use --

Why is Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie rated PG? The MPAA rated Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie PG

Parent Movie Review

Those mighty morphin’ Power Rangers are back to suck the brains and wallets of the world with a “multi-million dollar TV advertising campaign targeted to reach millions of kids and their moms!” (From Fox’s web page.) Is there any stopping them? Can these forces that threaten to pull innocent children from backyard wading pools and bicycles be controlled? To begin, we must analyze their attack ...

This Rangers movie has the color-coded heros battling the usual mentally disturbed bad people from other planets. Their main adversary this time is Divatox (Hilary Turner), who sounds like 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella DeVil and wears a seductive lace-up push-up costume that resembles a medieval girdle topped with protective head gear. Like all Rangers plots, the film follows a video game formula where each battle involves a more powerful opponent until the ultimate challenge is revealed: Maligore, a huge beast living in a volcano with molten lava flowing inside his crusty body. (Honest mom, he’s really soft and warm on the inside…)

Compared to their first film, this Rangers movie is more violent and commercially aggressive. Basically a 100 minute plug for the huge line of toys linked to the characters, the videocassette has the gall to present an advertisement for the toys and the soundtrack before the movie even starts. The film’s music is made up of unimaginative rock pieces that only add to the background noise of thuds and hits resulting from the body to body violence that dominates the movie.

So that no potential buyers are excluded, Fox is widening the Rangers’ age appeal by including a new young blue ranger to attract the under-10 crowd. And to keep the big kids happy, two “old” Rangers return to fill a couple of “body beautiful” roles.

Now mothers, you must launch into action. First don an old girdle and a catcher’s mask. Now stand squarely in front of the television and begin barking out commands! You will instantly have the attention getting power of Divatox, and your kids will be running for cover in the great outdoors.


Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Parents' Guide