Speechless parents guide

Speechless Parent Guide

Parent Movie Review

Speechless is billed as a captivating romantic comedy—in other words, a love story. Well, the correct term here may be “lust story.” Speechless is about two political speech writers, one Republican, the other Democrat. They meet one night and shortly thereafter discover that they cannot keep their hands off each other. The rest of the movie centers around them trying to stay together as much as possible without their coworkers discovering the link that could possibly destroy either campaign. Of course this sets the scene for countless rendezvous where the thrill of getting caught is always apparent.

The language is somewhat rough, especially in one scene where the two discover they are each working for the enemy. This is during a high school assembly—the perfect place to launch a litany of foul language and insults. Sex is also high on the agenda, with the usual passionate scenes in various locations. Only in the area of violence does the movie score high in the marks.

Speechless is the perfect example of the movie industry’s definition of love. Often, we as an audience are told to expect a love story, yet I see little love in what is offered here. It is no wonder as a society we are so confused with how we should handle the real emotion of love. After seeing it played out countless times in movies like this one, you realize how much we have tried to replace the long enduring relationship that takes time and effort to develop with a quick weekend fling.

Speechless does offer one little educational insight, as it accurately portrays how one story can dominate the news media. As the two opposing campaigns fight to gain the lead story in the evening news, they must find a way to overcome the third opponent: A baby bear that is stuck in a hole. Otherwise, Speechless offers the usual Hollywood romance with the same cardboard characters and antics.