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Only You Parent Guide

Parent Movie Review

Faith is a girl who acts on a whim. At the age of eleven, a Ouiji board (with some help from her brother Larry) told her she would marry Damon Bradley. A few years later, a fortune teller (with more help from Larry) told her the same thing. Now she’s all grown up, and is due to marry Dwayne, until an old school buddy calls to say he can’t make the wedding because he must leave for Venice. Of course, we know what his name is.

Her good friend Kate has a happy marriage with her brother Larry, but when she decides to follow Faith to Venice, she suddenly sees a whole new world, full of attractive Italian men. So while Faith is hunting for Damon, Kate is strolling the canals with Giovanni, her new found Italian friend, while both their men are still at home, working hard, and not sure where their wife and fiancee have gone.

I enjoy a well written romance, but after watching Only You, I felt like I needed another opinion, so I had four other women watch it. The results were the same: This movie is boring. As you watch Faith and Kate flit from one situation to the next, the whole process becomes painful. It seems the film is trying to falsely imply that all females are this featherheaded.

The good news is that Kate does decide that life with her husband Larry is better than with Giovanni, and Larry even shows up in Venice at the end of her tour so that they can return home happily together. Faith does find another man, and the poor podiatrist is never seen again, but that’s the way love goes…

The good part of Only You is that there is very little sex (during one scene, Faith and Peter fall onto a bed completely clothed and are immediately interrupted), the language is tame, and there is just a bit of macho violence. But the lack of these elements does not always make a good movie. So if you are looking for a romance, you can be sure Only You won’t offend—but it might just put you to sleep.