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Mrs. Miracle Parent Guide

Overall A

In this made for TV movie, based on a book by Debbie Macomber, Mrs. Miracle is the nickname given to a housekeeper (Doris Roberts) whose angelic touch extends to a pair of scallywag twins (Valin Shinyei and Michael Strusievici), their grieving father (James Van Der Beek), a single woman who's given up on her dreams (Erin Karplunk) and a school Nativity Pageant in need of a director.

Violence A-
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A-

Why is Mrs. Miracle rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated Mrs. Miracle Not Rated

Run Time: 94 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Seth Webster (James Van Der Beek) needs a miracle. Father to a pair of unruly twins, the widower must hire a nanny for Jason and Judd (Valin Shinyei and Michael Strusievici). Unfortunately, they have already scared off a long succession of live-in housekeepers, and with the days counting down to Christmas, so is the likelihood of finding any sort of caregiver.

Things aren’t going very well at the local school either. An accidental tumble off the stage has the staff scrambling to locate a replacement director for the annual pageant. The boys’ teacher Mrs. Preston (Chelah Horsdal) has a friend with past theatrical experience, but Reba (Erin Karplunk) has some negative associations with the holiday season that might make her unwilling to take the un-paid job.

Then Mrs. Mirkle (Doris Roberts) shows up on the Webster doorstep. Appearing more like an angel of mercy than an agency employee, the elderly woman soon settles a sense of peace over the household, takes on meal preparations and has the twins happily mispronouncing her name as Mrs. Miracle. Next, her presence at the Nativity rehearsal inspires Reba to take the director’s chair. And later, a convenient excuse for missing a pick-up at the school provides an introduction of the single dad to the lonely (and also single) pageant volunteer.

Things seem to be shaping up for a very merry yuletide indeed—yet the lovable Mrs. Merkle still feels she has work left undone. Intentionally meddling just a little too far, she stirs up Seth’s unresolved grief over the loss of his wife, and rekindles Reba’s burning feelings of unforgotten offenses from her estranged sister (Johannah Newmarch).

Based on a story by Debbie Macomber, this made for TV movie unwraps a tale of faith, family and forgiveness as the characters are forced to face their ghosts from Christmas pasts. Including only silly childish antics, social drinking and a term of deity used as an expletive, Mrs. Miracle serves up some divine magic that is sure to warm the hearts of those looking for holiday cheer.

Directed by Michael Scott. Starring Doris Roberts, James Van Der Beek, Erin Karplunk. Running time: 94 minutes. Updated

Mrs. Miracle
Rating & Content Info

Why is Mrs. Miracle rated Not Rated? Mrs. Miracle is rated Not Rated by the MPAA

Violence: Children’s antics cause minor property damage and frustration for caregivers. Characters wrestle as well as engage in snowball and pillow fights. A woman falls off a stage and is later shown wearing a neck brace. During a Nativity Pageant, children dresses as angels begin to sword fight.

Sexual Content: A couple kisses.

Language: A term of deity is used as an expletive.

Drugs and Alcohol: Characters drink at social occasions.

Other: A grieving character avoids talking about a deceased spouse. Another refuses to forgive a past offense.

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Mrs. Miracle Parents' Guide

Although Seth and Reba are dealing with different forms of hurt (one grief, the other offence), in what ways are their injuries the same? How do these feelings hold them back? Why are they unwilling to let them go? Why is it usually easier to see the negative effects of harboring such emotions on other people that it is to see them on ourselves?

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The most recent home video release of Mrs. Miracle movie is November 16, 2010. Here are some details…

Mrs. Miracle, the made for TV movie based on the best selling book by Debbie Macomber, releases on DVD on December 16, 2010.

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