Life With Mikey parents guide

Life With Mikey Parent Guide

Overall B-

Michael J. Fox stars in this tale about two brothers that run a talent agency for children.

Release date June 4, 1993

Violence B
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B+
Substance Use --

Why is Life With Mikey rated PG? The MPAA rated Life With Mikey PG

Run Time: 91 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Michael J. Fox stars in this tale about two brothers that run a talent agency for children. With only one child that is paying the bills, the brothers are desperate to find another child star. Fox, playing Mikey, a former child star himself, finds a little con artist on the street, who, after stealing Mikey’s wallet, is able to put on a performance with no equal. Ten year old Angie turns out to be the exact thing Mikey needs, or is she?

Past films starring Fox have not impressed me. I find directors cannot resist heaping on piles of sexual innuendo and “teasing” sexual scenes that just barely fit into the film’s rating category. Maybe they feel that’s what Fox does best. The good news is that Mikey, with the exception of one short scene, doesn’t fall into that group, and is one of Fox’s better movies.

The movie shows a loving relationship between little Angie, and her father, an alcoholic spending time in a rehabilitation center. Instead of the usual mean dad you expect, this guy is a believable and loving man, who really cares about his daughter. Even Fox’s character seems to grow, as he spends time with the girl and realizes that he has changes to make.

All is not perfect, however. Mikey is a lazy guy, and in the end still teaches Angie to use her fame to get out of trouble, just as he does. She is caught shoplifting, and after the security guard recognizes her from the television, the little thief turns into everyone’s sweetheart. Like so many movies, the writer is unwilling to put consequences for actions into the plot.

The one sexual scene involves Fox trying to seduce a want-to-be actress. The doorbell rings, just in time, and no nudity is present. There is some profanity at the beginning of the film, too, but some good and funny things do take place in this movie.

Starring Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane. Running time: 91 minutes. Theatrical release June 4, 1993. Updated