A Guy Thing parents guide

A Guy Thing Parent Guide

Overall C

Violence B-
Sexual Content C-
Profanity D
Substance Use D

Why is A Guy Thing rated PG-13? The MPAA rated A Guy Thing PG-13 for language, crude humor, some sexual content and drug references.

Parent Movie Review

With only a week until his wedding, Paul (Jason Lee) just made the biggest mistake of his life. Too drunk to remember much of anything, he wakes up on the morning after his bachelor bash to find a strange woman in bed beside him.

Horrified at what the consequences may be if his fianc0xE9e finds out, he covers things up with a little white lie when Karen (Selma Blair) shows up at his house to go over their nuptial arrangements. But one fib isn’t enough. Soon he’s telling whoppers to his future in-laws (James Brolin, Diana Scarwid), his parents (David Koechner, Julie Hagerty) and the minister (Larry Miller) who soon discovers a handful of compromising photos taken on the night of the party.

However, things go from bad to awful when the groom-to-be arrives at a special dinner to meet his future Aunt Budge (Jackie Burroughs) and discovers the blond tiki dancer (Julia Stiles) he brought home from the bar is Karen’s cousin, Becky.

Resolved to know what happened, he tracks Becky down at her new job in a record store and questions her about their night together, only to discover nothing happened. But her former boyfriend, Ray (Lochlyn Munro) isn’t convinced that’s so. The psycho cop has more than a few anger management issues and is willing to do whatever he can (including planting a drug stash in a car) to keep Paul from moving in on his girl.

While his best man Jim (and even his father-in-law) may think that ?hunting? is all part of the male makeup, Paul seems to realize that starting matrimony with a hidden truth isn’t the best idea. However, admitting to his own growing interest in Becky proves to be as big of a challenge as 0x2018fessing up to Karen.

Parents might uncover some other challenging material when picking A Guy Thing as their family entertainment choice. Profanities are frequent and include sexually charged comments and a hand gesture. While trying to avoid meeting Becky at a house party, Paul hides out in the bathroom alleging to have a bad case of diarrhea, complete with sound effects. Over dinner, two adult characters discuss splitting a six-pack of beer while driving, and a novice caterer resorts to using an illegal drug as a food enhancer at a family gathering.

After marching down the aisle to the strains of ?Born Free?, this guy has one last chance to own up to that thing he did and come clean with himself before making the biggest decision of his life.


A Guy Thing Parents' Guide

How did one lie lead to another for Paul? Do you think the consequences he imagined are accurate? What were the costs of telling falsehoods?

How could Becky’s ability to hold a job reflect on her capacity to stay in a relationship? Is there a difference between pursuing your passions and being able to stick to a task?

Movies often portray characters in a very one-dimensional way. Karen is serious while Becky is spontaneous and fun loving. How does their hair color play into those depictions? Are all people so easily pigeonholed? What qualities would you look for in a spouse?

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