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Valentine’s Day Disappointment - 2014


It’s Valentines Day. The day to celebrate everything hearts, cupids, chocolate and love! Or if you’re on the other side of the equation, a time to grumble about what many call a manufactured holiday.

“This year I'll admit to feeling a little curmudgeonish.”

I’m usually all about the love thing but this year I’ll admit to feeling a little curmudgeonish. Hollywood has let me down again.

Isn’t this the business that’s given us great romantic films like An Affair to Remember, Casablanca, You’ve Got Mail and The Princess Bride. Even the kiss from Spider-Man (2002) deserves note. And while I appreciate everyone has a different idea about romance, this weekend feels like another letdown at the box office. (There’s a problem when Robocop seems like the best option to put money on.)

Honestly, what’s romantic about watching teenagers (played by actors who are really 20ish) get naked? Or enduring plentiful mob violence for a few brief moments of a rather vaporous love story? It’s time Hollywood created some of that old-fashioned sexual tension instead of baring all.

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