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Singing Stars


Gwyneth Paltrow stars this week (January 7, 2010) as a country western singer struggling to make a comeback in the film Country Strong. On the movie’s soundtrack, the actress performs three solo numbers and a duet with co-star Tim McGraw. But she isn’t the only actor to croon a tune for a film soundtrack.

“Several stars known for their acting abilities have also tried out their singing talents in movies. ”
Pierce Brosnan sings in Mamma Mia!, Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd, Nicolas Cage in The Family Man, Johnny Depp in Sweeny Todd, Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line, Richard Gere in Chicago, Bill Pullman and Christian Bale in Newsies, Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, Zac Efron in High School Musical, Hugh Jackman in Happy Feet and John Travolta in Hairspray.

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