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Singin’ In the Rain Celebrates 60 Years of Cinematic Fame


If you don’t know that “Moses supposes his toeses are Roses” then you’ve missed out on one of the great songs from one of Hollywood’s best musicals.

“April 2012 marks the film's 60 anniversary...”
The 1952 movie, Singin' In The Rain, stars Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds in a story that portrays the transition from the era of silent films to "talkies."

This year marks the film's 60 anniversary. While the film received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress for Jean Hagen who played Lina Lamont and Best Music, it failed to achieve great success at its release. Since then however it has found its way to the top of the list of the American Film Institute's 100 Years of Musicals.

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