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Re-release of The Bible: The Epic Mini Series - October 2013


A new cover adorns the Christmas Edition of The Bible: The Epic Miniseries.

Photo ┬ęTwentieth Century Fox

In March 2013 the History Channel debuted The Bible: The Epic Mini Series. This five-part drama (ten hours in total) captured TV viewers in record numbers. Then on Easter morning (April 2, 2013) the series released to home video in a box set.

The Bible: The Epic Mini Series gets gift wrapped for Christmas.”

Now the marketing team at Twentieth Century Fox is gearing up for another Christian holiday, by repackaging and re-releasing The Bible: The Epic Mini Series in a Christmas Edition. Available October 29, 2013, fans of the drama, or those who missed it the first time, will have the opportunity to buy it again. This time the box set will feature a cover displaying the Three Wise Men (in keeping with the holiday spirit), but the content will be the same as the earlier version.

If you are looking to refresh your memory of this video presentation, which contained many violent depictions, be sure to checkout our review of The Bible: The Epic Mini Series.

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