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Lego Dominates at the Box Office—Again


Emmett and his building block buddies remain at the top of the box office for a third weekend.

Photo ©Warner Bros.

Even a spewing volcano and a bullet-riddled action thriller couldn’t topple The Lego Movie. For the third weekend in a row Emmett and his building block buddies monopolized the box office.

“Warner Bros. announced a follow-up movie to release in May 2017”
According to Box Office Mojo, the movie fell 37 percent but still managed to earn $31.5 million—the second-highest third weekend ever for an animated movie. (Shrek 2 beat it by earning $37.9 million in its third weekend.) With the movie edging over the $200 million mark for earnings, it seems like a no-brainer that Warner Bros. announced a follow-up movie to release in May 2017.

Hobbling into second place at the box office was the CIA action drama 3 Days to Kill. It opened at an estimated $12.3 million. While the gist of the plot may revolve around a father and daughter reunion, this shoot-‘em-up script is anything but family friendly.

The historical disaster movie Pompeii limped into third spot with a dismal $10.3 million over the weekend. That is less than half of what the 2006 big bomb movie Poseidon made its opening weekend. The weekend box office earnings for Pompeii is a dismal return for the film with a reported $100 million production budget.

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