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Hockey In The Movies


If you have hockey fans at your house who aren’t getting enough on ice action, check out these hockey themed movies.

“Enjoy more hockey action with these movies featuring the sport.”

Gold medals seemed like a long shot for the seventh seeded US Hockey Team at the Lake Placid Olympics until a young team coached by the dogged Herb Brooks gave rise to a Miracle.

An impaired driving charge results in a community service sentence for a hot shot lawyer who finds himself coaching a team of hockey playing misfits in The Mighty Ducks.

A chimp takes to the ice and becomes the team's MVP: Most Valuable Primate when he helps a pair of siblings adjust to their new home in this family comedy.

A hockey player who spends too much time in the penalty box has to do a stint as the Tooth Fairy in order to redeem his reputation.

A short, animated film adaptation of the children's book The Sweater can be seen at Canada's National Film Board website.

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