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Falling on Deaf Ears


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Kevin25 says: Mar. 08, 2010

This comment is for “Rod Gustafson”.  I just want to state that i found the answer that i was researching on this website, very helpful.  I heard your ears have a defense mechanism in them to adjust to constant loud volumes like at a Music Concert, wich i found out, it is tru there is a defense mechanism that kicks in….The reason im posting a comment is because of your article you have written ” Falling on Deaf Ears”. <<< MY POINT >>>...Many time you kept saying, young teenagers or “kids”...It’s not only “young teenagers/kids” that blast their music in their cars…Many of times I have heard, (while being stuck at a red light), full grown adults 40-50 years of age approx. blasting their music, so loud I heard it completely word for word from my car.  As you said in the opening of ur article, you heard “loud abnoxious” music comming from “a teenager girls” headphones.  So what ur saying, its ok for your ears to be damaged by say, the Beatles, or Barry White, or someone that a person in their 40’s-50’s listen to but not for a teenagers “abnoxious” music. Like you said,your ears dont discriminate on the type of music, just the decibels.  I find it very immature and rude that just because it was a young teenagers music that you heard you called it obnoxious, what about the older adults/parents of children that blast their music also even if its classic music like The Beatles, its not obnoxious when they blast their music b/c they are older and it’s not “rap” or “rock”..What if that teenager was listening to the Beatles, music of somebody your age, would you still have called it obnoxious? I don’t think so…You just catorgorized/racial profiled that teenager.  You’re a grown adult apperently if you are writing on parent previews, but in my opinion you are a very immature one, im 27 but take offense that you stated a teenager listening to their choice of music “obnoxious” probably only bc you dont like the type of music that person was listening to, but im sure if it was some type of music you liked, it wouldnt have ben stated as “obnoxious”.  I also would like to state that more teenagers/ adults listen to loud music because their “role models” per say(parents or other type of figures they are around) have listend to their music very loud and maybe that is why people like their music loud.  Also people listen to loud music, bc they like the song and like to listen to it loud, but as i said bc it was a “teenager” and not your type of music choice you call it obnoxious.  I understand this website is called Parent Previews, but you should of also stated that its just not young people hurting their ears bc of loud music, but also full grown adults hurting their ears also, just bc someone is a grown adult doesn’t mean that they aren’t being obnoxious while blasting their choice of music, tv shows etc. Its not just “young teenagers” that blast music they like, its everyone, including someone your age, im sure you have blasted your music at least once in ur life. So if you dont want to sound anymore of a racist jerk-off then you already made urself sound like, i suggest you should make some changes to your article and stop ripping on younger generations music by calling it obnoxious,you are suppose to write facts,considering this is a factual article, not ur opinion.. that is my main pt., that, and its not only “young teenagers” that blast music, its also full grown adults that you so convienetly left out of the article.

Rod Gustafson says: Mar. 09, 2010

Your point is valid—adults are just as susceptible to hearing loss as teens. However you have missed the point of this article. The average age for hearing loss is declining because teens (and younger) are using devices that are causing premature hearing loss. (And yes, I do blast my music from time-to-time—both now and when I was younger.)

Finally I should have been clearer about that “obnoxious” music. The song was full of profanities which were easily heard many seats away. Like it or not, I still call that “obnoxious.”

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