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B Last Flight Out: Billy Graham Presents Home Video Jan 2006
B+ Lifeboat Home Video Jan 1944 Oct 2005
B- Annapolis Home Video Jan 2006 Jun 2006
A+ The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Home Video Dec 2005 Apr 2006
A+ Paper Clips Home Video Sep 2004 Mar 2006
B Valiant Home Video Aug 2005 Dec 2005
B+ The Frogmen Home Video Sep 1951 May 2005
A- I Am David Home Video Dec 2004 Apr 2005
B- The Wackiest Ship in the Army Home Video
A Little Women (1949) Home Video Mar 1949
B South Pacific Home Video Mar 1958 Mar 2009
A Chicken Run Home Video Jun 2000 Nov 2000
B- Running Free Home Video
B+ The Hunt For Red October Home Video Mar 1990 Jul 2008
B+ The Color Of Paradise Home Video Sep 2002
A- Children Of Heaven Home Video Jan 1999 Sep 2002
B Antz Home Video
B The War Home Video
A- One Against The Wind Home Video Jan 1999
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