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B The Four Feathers (1939) Home Video Aug 1939 Oct 2011
A Life Is Beautiful Home Video Nov 1998 Oct 2011
A- The First Grader In Theaters Jun 2011
B- The Way Back Home Video Jan 2011 Apr 2011
A- The King’s Speech Home Video Dec 2010 Apr 2011
B The Last Legion Home Video Aug 2007 Apr 2011
B+ Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Home Video Sep 2010 Dec 2010
B The Last Airbender Home Video Jul 2010 Nov 2010
B+ The Bridge on the River Kwai Home Video Dec 1957 Nov 2010
B- Clash of the Titans Home Video Apr 2010 Jul 2010
A K-19: The Widowmaker Home Video Jul 2002 Dec 2002
B+ African Queen Home Video Feb 1952 Mar 2010
B+ The Battle of Bunker Hill Home Video Sep 2009
B Defiance Home Video Jan 2009 Jun 2009
B+ Valkyrie Home Video Dec 2008 May 2009
B The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Home Video Nov 2008 Mar 2009
A Mulan and Mulan II 3-Disc Collector’s Set Home Video Aug 2008
B The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Home Video Dec 2007 Apr 2008
A- Grace Is Gone Home Video Dec 2007 May 2008
B Flyboys Home Video Sep 2006 Jan 2007
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