About Parent Previews
About Parent Previews (General Content, Last Update Apr 2015)
Kin (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jun 2018)
A couple of adopted brothers (Jack Reynor and Myles Truitt) who discover a mysterious weapon quickly find themselves being chased by law enforcers, criminals and an alien army.
three seconds
three seconds (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jun 2018)
Why would anyone purposefully get arrested, and sentenced to a maximum security prison? That is the only choice for an ex-convict who takes on an undercover assignment.
Jerry Lewis 10 Films Collection (News and Views, Last Update Jun 2018)
The Happytime Murders
The Happytime Murders (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jun 2018)
Director Brian Henson (son of Jim Henson -- creator of the Muppets) takes the popular children's show from the 1980s, throws in a human cop (Melissa McCarthy) and a puppet private eye (voice of Bill Barretta), plus an ample amount of crass humor, and presents a murder-mystery spoof fit to betray a long legacy of family-friendly entertainment.
Father’s Day Films (News and Views, Last Update Jun 2018)
Crazy Rich Asians
Crazy Rich Asians (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jun 2018)
When Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) travels from New York to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's (Henry Golding) family, she discovers he has not been completely truthful about his past life or his parent's wealth.
2018 Summer Movie Preview (News and Views, Last Update Jun 2018)
The Art of The Secret World of Arrietty (News and Views, Last Update May 2018)
Show Dogs Gets A Needed Makeover (News and Views, Last Update May 2018)
Unfriended: Dark Web
Unfriended: Dark Web (Movie Reviews, Last Update May 2018)
A teen is pretty excited when gets a new laptop computer, until he starts to suspect the machine may be stolen. Worse yet, it appears the previous owner may now be watching his every move, desperate to retrieve his property.
Hotel Artemis
Hotel Artemis (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jun 2018)
If you are a criminal, injured in the line of duty, you can hardly go to a public hospital for treatment. That is why "Nurse" (Jodie Foster) runs the secret and exclusive Hotel Artemis, an emergency room for members of the underworld. However, giving medical care to some of the patients results in big complications.
Super Fly
Super Fly (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jun 2018)
How do you quit the cocaine business? A drug dealer named Youngblood Priest (Ron O'Neal) has a plan: make on last score, take the cash, run and hide. But if he gets caught, the mob will make sure his retirement means "resting in peace" forever.
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jun 2018)
This documentary looks at the life and achievements of Fred Rogers, the host of the long running, children's TV show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
Memorial Day Movies (News and Views, Last Update May 2018)