The Hurricane Heist
The Hurricane Heist (Movie Reviews, Last Update Mar 2018)
The ultimate storm seems like the perfect time for the ultimate heist. So when a Category 5 hurricane threatens a U.S. Treasury facility, a group of thieves take the opportunity to break-in. What they fail to account for is a loyal security guard (Maggie Grace) who is just as determined as mother nature.
Gringo (Movie Reviews, Last Update Mar 2018)
Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) is sent on a business trip to Mexico to deliver the formula for a "weed" pill. But the marijuana business turns brutal, and the normally mild-mannered man finds himself betrayed, kidnaped and threatened by coworkers, thugs and drug lords.
Red Sparrow
Red Sparrow (Movie Reviews, Last Update Mar 2018)
Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence), is a former ballerina recruited into the Sparrow program, where she trains to become a Russian Secret Service agent. She becomes quite accomplished as a weapon until an American CIA agent (Joel Egerton) threatens to clip her wings.
Game Night
Game Night (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2018)
It was supposed to be a game, but as a group of friends tries to solve a murder mystery, it starts looking like what they have gotten themselves into something that is anything but child's play.
Samson (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2018)
Based on the Biblical story, Samson (Taylor James) is a man gifted with great strength from God. But his reckless ways and his passion for Delilah (Caitlin Leahy) cause him to stray from his appointed destiny.
Annihilation (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2018)
When a biologist (Natalie Portman) learns her husband (Oscar Isaac) has been injured while on a secret assignment, she volunteers to continue his mission in the hope of finding a way to cure the man she loves.
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Early Man
Early Man (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2018)
Do you ever wonder how prehistoric man give way to the bronze age? Well, here is your answer. In the dawn of time, Early Man faced off against more advanced man -- in a winner-take-all game of football (Soccer - if you're American). If that wasn't what you were expecting, then expect to be surprised by this stop-frame animation
Black Panther
Black Panther (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2018)
When T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) inherits the throne of a small African country, he returns to his homeland only to have his role as king challenged. Relying on his powers as the Black Panther, he fights not just for the fate of his own nation, but also the future of the world.
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The Leisure Seeker
The Leisure Seeker (Movie Reviews, Last Update Mar 2018)
John and Ella Spencer (Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren) have spent many of their married years traveling in their old RV, nick-named The Leisure Seeker. Now, as each suffers from serious health problems, the couple escapes the constrains of their worried adult children (Janel Moloney, Christian McKay) and goes on one last voyage together.
Hostiles (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2018)
Racial prejudice simmers in 1892 when an army captain (Christian Bale) is commanded to escort a Cheyenne chief (Wes Studi) and his family from New Mexico to Montana. During the dangerous journey the group crosses paths with a grieving and vengeful woman (Rosamund Pike) whose loved ones were murdered.
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The 15:17 to Paris
The 15:17 to Paris (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2018)
Based on a true story, three Americans (Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos) on holiday in Europe are forced to use their past military training when a terrorist attacks passengers on a train.