About Parent Previews
About Parent Previews (General Content, Last Update Apr 2015)
Once Upon a Deadpool
Once Upon a Deadpool (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds), leader of the X-Force mutant team, succumbs to despair after the murder of the woman he loves. Teaming up with the X-Men, Deadpool works to protect a young mutant whose fire setting powers are a danger to everyone around him.
On the Basis of Sex
On the Basis of Sex (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Henchmen (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Having fantasized for years about becoming a supervillain, Lester joins the Union of Henchmen. He gets more than he bargained for...
Clara (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Dr. Isaac Bruno is obsessed with finding life in space. He hires Clara, a free spirited artist, to help him with his research. Together they make discoveries that are both intimate and cosmic in scope.
Vice (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Welcome to Marwen
Welcome to Marwen (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
After being beaten within an inch of his life Mark Hogancamp uses art as a way to help himself through the recovery process.
Elliot the Littlest Reindeer
Elliot the Littlest Reindeer (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2018)
Elliot lives on a reindeer training farm and longs to be chosen to guide Santa's sleigh. There is just one problem: Elliot isn't a reindeer. He's a miniature horse and all the determination in the world might not be enough to achieve his goal.
The Mule
The Mule (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Queen of Scots (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie) sits on the throne of England, a rising power in Europe, and her cousin, Mary (Saoirse Ronan), is Queen of Scotland. Elizabeth I has never married and has no heir. Mary becomes involved in conspiracies to seize the English throne with consequences that change the history of both countries.
The Possession of Hannah Grace
The Possession of Hannah Grace (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2018)
A corpse in the hospital morgue is possessed by an evil entity. Not surprisingly, violence and horror ensue.
Boy Erased
Boy Erased (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2018)
Jared (Lucas Hedges) is gay. He is also the son of a pastor with traditional views of sexuality. Can Jared "pray the gay away"?
Creed II
Creed II (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2018)
Adonis Creed is challenged to fight Victor Drago, son of the man who killed Creed's father in the boxing ring. Family honor calls Creed to the match. But his wife and baby pull him away. Can honor come at too great a price?
Widows (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2018)
When a robbery goes wrong and the criminals die in an exploding getaway van, their widows are left in a dangerous situation. Their solution? Work together to carry off another caper planned by their husbands.
A United Kingdom
A United Kingdom (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2018)
Ruth Wilson and Seretse Khama have an unlikely romance: he is the heir to an African tribal kingship who is studying law in England. She is an office clerk. He is black; she is white. And it's 1947.