About Parent Previews
About Parent Previews (General Content, Last Update Apr 2015)
…Parent Previews is not your average film review site. While we consider the artistic aspects of a film--storyline, cinematography, editing, performances--our main goal is to give parents an idea of what they will encounter when they take their kids to the movies. With that in mind, we look at a…
Families (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…No information about this title has yet been released.
The Revenant
The Revenant (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…When a member of his own trapping party (Tom Hardy) leaves him for dead after a bear mauling, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) wills himself to live so he can hunt down his enemy across the wild American frontier.
Anomalisa (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…This adult animation examines the challenges of the human condition -- without showing any real people! It focuses on a man named Michael Stone (voice of David Thewlis), who meets the equally unhappy Lisa (voice of Jennifer Jason Leigh) on his quest to find purpose and meaning in life.
In the Heart of the Sea
In the Heart of the Sea (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…When a whaling ship heads out to hunt the giants of the sea, the sailors never expect to become the prey instead of the predator. This movie is based on the true story of the Nantucket Essex.
Point Break (2015)
Point Break (2015) (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…In this remake of the 1991 film of the same name, a young secret agent (Luke Bracey) goes undercover with a group of extreme athletes in order to try to expose their highly dangerous crimes.
Concussion (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…Although concussions have always been an expected result of field tackling, Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) suspects their may be real and long-lasting effects for the players who repeatedly sustain this serious injury.
Daddy’s Home
Daddy’s Home (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…A stepfather (Will Ferrel) finds it tough trying to fill the shoes of the man who went before -- especially when that former father (Mark Wahlberg) re-enters the lives of his ex-wife (Linda Cardellini) and children, and challenges him for the position of Dad.
Transporter Refueled
Transporter Refueled (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…Jason Statham is replaced in this reboot of the Transporter franchise. This time Ed Skrein plays Frank Martin, a mercenary delivery man/taxi driver who is about to personally understand the definition of "dangerous goods".
Pan (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2015)
…The story of Peter Pan comes to life once again, this time with Levi Miller playing the heroic boy and Garrett Hedlund as Hook. The villain in this version is an evil pirate named Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman).