Justin Bieber Director’s Cut—Will You Go Again?

Many parents have succumbed to pressure and have taken their kids (most likely daughters) to see Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie. I wasn’t too impressed myself—I was expecting far more 3D concert footage and far less shaky home videos and YouTube clips that I could have watched at home for free. Now Paramount says they are taking advantage of the latest digital technologies and are releasing what amounts to Bieber 1.1… an update to the first film. About 40 minutes has been added and 30 minutes deleted, extending the running time an additional 10 minutes. This has been made possible by digital movie distribution where computer video files are sent to theaters rather than expensive film prints. (This is also why only the 3D versions of the movie will be updated. The 2D version is on film, and it is far more expensive to replace all the film prints with an updated version.)

However as cool as this is, is Paramount instead taking advantage of your wallet? At the price of seeing a 3D movie, I suspect feeling the heat from your kids to go see it again won’t sit well with many parents. Or maybe I’m just too cheap!

Have you seen Bieber 1.1 (officially known as the Director’s Fan Cut)? Let us know your thoughts either way…