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Tris Prior is poised to become the next teen big screen female action hero when the movie releases March 21. Image ©Summit Entertainment

Counting Down to Divergent

I have two days to finish the book Divergent before the film comes out. Two days before I see what the hype is all about. While I may be reading more out of obligation, a whole audience of young adult fiction readers is eagerly anticipating the movie’s release—especially teen girls. It seems that lately they need look no further than movie screens for strong female characters.

With the home video and digital sales of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire selling at a scorching rate, Katniss Everdeen maintains her teen appeal. But Tris Prior is about to join her as a big screen female heroine. Confusing these two may be understandable. After all these two teens have a lot in common.

Both characters come from futuristic dystopian civilizations that separate their citizens into different districts or factions—a kind of divide and conquer mentality.

Both have physical prowess and mental cunning. While they may not always realize their strengths, these girls rise to the occasion when challenged—especially when it comes to facing their fears.

Both are at the center of a rebellion against the government. Although neither girl specifically chooses to be an architect of a revolution, Katniss and Tris inspire others to fight back against the heavy hand of their oppressive authorities.

Both are on a hit list of sorts. Almost everyone knows the best way to stop an insurrection is to take out the leader. As government officials pinpoint who is at the center of the uprisings, it makes sense they would want to dispose of Katniss and Tris. But trying to kill the girls without making them into martyrs takes careful maneuvering.

However, when it comes to individual qualities, tenacity ranks right up there for both girls. And that’s one inspiring attribute for young teens to embrace. Tenacity is also what I’ll need to finish the last few chapters in the next 48 hours!

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