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Still shot from the movie: World Trade Center.

World Trade Center

Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena play the real life Port Authority Police officers John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, who were buried beneath the massive debris field created by the 9/11 fall of the World Trade Center. The movie intimately chronicles the emotional rollercoaster endured by the men and their families while they awaited rescue on that hellish day. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: A-
Violence: C-
Sexual Content: A-
Language: C-
Drugs/Alcohol: B+
Theater Release: 08 Aug 2006
Video Release: 12 Dec 2006
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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World Trade Center is rated PG-13: for intense and emotional content, some disturbing images and language.

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Michael Pena
Studio: 2006 Paramount Pictures

Detailed Review

If ever there was a topic I wish had never inspired a movie, it would be this one. It's not because I feel this subject shouldn't be dealt with. It's… 
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Why Is World Trade Center Rated PG-13?

Obviously this movie deals with an event that will trigger strong emotions within many viewers.… 
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Talk It Over

After watching this movie, be prepared to discuss your feelings about this eventful day. Also,… 
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Video alternatives / Home Video Bonus Features

Real life heroes who have arisen from tragic circumstances are the inspiration of such film… 
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