Unsane parents guide

Unsane Parent Guide

It's all in your head.

Release date March 23, 2018

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Unsane tells the story of a woman (Claire Foy) who is committed to a mental institution against her will. The problem is, she does suffer from delusion. So is her situation real or imaginary?

Why is Unsane rated R? The MPAA rated Unsane R for disturbing behavior, violence, language, and sex references.

News About "Unsane"

Unsane is shot with an iPhone camera. Is that a budget saving measure or an artistic choice? Director Steven Soderbergh seems to think using a cell phone camera will add authenticity to the character's experiences in the movie.

Cast and Crew

Unsane is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah .

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